Personal Privacy Rights Management


What's Your Policy?      We reward customers who state their preferences,

evaluate our policies, exchange information, and negotiate agreements; and we'll even provide the tools needed to protect your personal information -- for free. 

Who's Your Agent?     How do businesses find out what an awesome customer

you are? Publish a data catalog of personal data they can access -- but only if they know the magic word! (see customer-centric privacy workflow diagram above)

Where is Your Data?         And what are they doing with it?  With your own 

Personal Data Vault and API, companies who subscribe to it will save money finding, pleasing, and protecting perfect customers like you!

Exercise Your Privacy Rights

Rights are like muscles: you need to flex them once in a while.
Be heard. Submit requests. Expect answers. Resolve issues.
Check out our Privacy Rights "Ju-jitsu" Webinars and Whitepapers.